Time to Hang with Becster in Texas and be pampered for the week. Still gotta work . . . remember old times!

Today is Saturday, April 9th, and reached Becky’s house around 4ish.  My google directions worked out fine and the house was easy to get to so all is well.  Once I got off the bike I was able to chill for a few hours until Luis took us out for dinner.  We went to the cigar store and I am going to smoke a little chico to celebrate my journey so far. 

Last time I had a little cigar was with the boys before the wedding in Texas last November ha ha! 

When I was in Cuba, 2001 – 2003, I would smoke the chico’s and sip rum so many memories are flooding my emotions and how many fun adventures I have had in my life.  A few life times worth for sure!

Today’s ride was easy, still windy but not as bad as Arizona and New Mexico for sure.  Must admit so far the ride through Texas was quite boring.  My amigo, Jimmy, once again has hooked me up with another V-Rod forum buddy that will be my tour guide around town for the week.  I really do not want to go far just when the urge arises to get out and be on my ride!  I would like to check out a few hit bike nights to show my products so I can sell sell sell right now!   Guess what – bike nights start next week boo hooo and Danny is out of town until Friday so no tour guide.  All good need to chill and give my poor wrists a break from the vibration – need new handgrips for sure.  The bad thing is I have had them for months and just have not taken care of it – I am so bad argh!

I have to say I miss the mountains and the rock formations that Arizona and New Mexico have to offer.  It was so bad out and had to get to a hotel so I missed the Grand Canyon too but I will be back and do it on one of my tours for sure this year.  I was bummed that I did not really check out Winslow, AZ and take some pictures on that famous corner but will do September for their annual bash for sure and then tie it into California Canyon ride!  Get ready Jimmy and Dave C. be ready to rumble! 

This journey has been a huge soul connection and know without a shadow of a doubt that this is my true calling to be on two wheels and will follow it FULL THROTTLE.  Are you ready to rumble? 

Sunday, April 10, 2011 – I slept a few hours getting use to my new environment and so happy to be with my girl!  I plan on calling on the local HD’s this week, hooking up with Kathy Eppley from my ProfitPointMastery class and will check out the local flavor and bike nights along the way.  I plan on doing back roads all the way home and will leave on Friday so cannot wait for that journey home. 

My mom is missing me and my sister Brenda is coming into town on the 29th of April and they will be heading to Daytona Beach for a week on the beach.  Of course will have to hang with my crazy sista and Carol Ann and work along the way. 

So much to do and so little time – until then my friend!  One Bad B . . .

Cuba here we come in August, September will be back to do a Wild Wild West and California tour.  What a life I am going to have on two wheels and hope you continue to check in and hopefully join us on one of our adventures real soon!

Be Safe and Say Hello!  YOUR FEARLESS LEADER  Joyce Pellegrini

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Riding in California was better than I had ever thought . . . Byron told me so!

April 4th riding the Canyons with Dave C from the V-Rod Forum.

My good friend and favorite mechanic from Florida, Jimmy Greco, hooked me up with his idol Dave Cannizzaro from California.  I guess Dave is a bit of a celebrity in the V-Rod Forum and is a pistol too.  So Jimmy reached out for me and asked him if he would tour me around some great places in California to ride while I was in town.

Dave sent me a text on Sunday to ride but had the conference and was not available until Monday so we made a plan to meet at Starbucks close to the Marriott in Woodland Hills.  I had no idea where we were off to but did not care.  I had no idea where to ride just knew I wanted to be on my bike once again.  So Dave was a bit late and was catching up with my phone messages so all was well.  Dave came in with a glittery helmet and I figured out that was him so I waved and we were then introduced.  Dave got himself a coffee to get his day started.  You see I do not drink coffee yuck so had my water and waited patiently for us to hit the road.

Wow did he take me for a ride!  We did almost every Canyon that was around the area and the scenery was outstanding.  OMG I could not take my eyes off my surroundings and at one point the road curved and my crash bar peg hit the dividing railing from life and death.  Holy shit batman is all I can say.  That was the last time I took my eyes off the road and did about 15 miles per hour as poor Dave had to wait at each stop sign for me to catch up.   There was no way I was going to whip through those roads not knowing them and my wrists were killing me from all the abuse the last two weeks for sure.  I could barley clutch and my right hand would go numb from the vibration – yikes my poor thumbs and wrists.  However I was the one riding the big hog and he had his little V-Rod he he but fun was had by all I hope.

I was having a rough day and needed some help from a friend so Jimmy as usual helped me out and found me a hotel in Sherman Oaks.  Money was running low and was waiting for some money to hit my account which had not happened yet!  Thanks again Jimmy.

So after the Canyons Dave took me to the two places Jimmy told me I had to check out the Rock Store which was closed but got some great photos of and Neptunes Net for lunch for some great fried fish and chips.   After lunch we walked across to Malibu Beach and witnessed the surfers hitting the waves.  It was such a beautiful day and was able to get some great photos I hope to share with you soon to complete my stories.  Please note all photos are on my facebook page for your viewing pleasure at JoycePellegrini too!

Then Dave and I jumped on our bikes and went up PCH and did one last Canyon.  By the end of the day I was exhausted and had a hard time keeping up but hung in there and Dave returned me to the Starbucks in which we started.  We said our goodbyes and decided we would ride again tomorrow.

So more details tomorrow my friend . . .

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March 31, Thursday, hitting to road to Las Vegas . . .

Well Thursday, March 31, 2011,  I planned on leaving at 1 p.m. because I was going to  make a detour to Las Vegas to meet with Nadine Lajoie who wrote a chapter in the Diaries A – Z.   Nadine races sport bikes and so excited I was going to see her in action.

Well my sample packaged and inventory was not ready until after 4 p.m. so was pissed and stressed out especially when I found out that I left my phone at Rose’s house.  I should of hopped on the bike to clear my head and got it but was tierd and hung out with the gang and thank goodness Elizabeth went and got it for me.  What a blessing she is!   I get really frustrated with lack of time management so I was feeling a bit violated that my time was not respected?

I was bound and determined to make it to Vegas and should of left at 1 pm like planned as my intuition told me but waited and got stuck in traffic at 5 pm doing 25 mph out of Arizona – I was not happy but had to go with the flow.  Once I was clipping along I just settled in and had to call my girl and tell her to go to dinner without me and would get there as soon as I could.  Nadine was do her test trials on Friday so she wanted to play a little bit – until midnight so I thought all was well.  ARGH!

I missed my 60 turnoff so got off the highway to gas up and check out my map and a fine brother, of course, had to stop me and make a comment about my sex appeal.  Well I had a pretty revealing top on and was feeling fit so strutted my stuff into the gas station and everyone looked at me like who is the biker chic . . .  ha ha!  So the nice gentlemen gave me directions on how to catch 60 but was not sure so asked someone else and he and his wife told me to get back on the highway for 5 – 6 miles and would hit 60 – damn I hate getting lost but had to laugh saw 60 but flew passed it thinking it was going to be a big highway sign it was this little marker on an exit with another name.   All good!   I was told by both men that it would take me about 4 hours to get to Vegas – damn I was going to get in late like midnight if I was lucky.

As I drove I reflected on my stressful week and a new small company.  Was I ready to get involved or just do my thing and decided to just do my own thing with the line as I continue to build my own brand.  I am an expert at start up businesses and know I can kick it through the park but at what cost.  Again the Universe is testing me on helping someone else or myself.  I have to pick myself the decision has been made.  Anyway back to the trip . . .

OMG the sunset over the mountains was spectacular the pictures do it no justice.  I was the only motorcycle on the road let alone another vehicle.  Then I thought I am One Bad Bitch for venturing across the desert by myself in total darkness.  So I set my cruise and barreled at 70 – 80 m.p.h. and prayed that no animal would venture in my path – were there desert animals I HOPE NOT.  Ha Ha . . .

About 250 miles into the journey trucks and cars finally appeared.  I was starving by this time only had a ham sandwich in the booth so I went through a small little town and of course all there was to eat was a McDonalds argh so got a grilled chicken sandwich and ate just the meat and craved salt so had some fries there were damn good too!  Jumped on my moto and headed out hoping I was almost there.

Everywhere I stopped people would check out my license plate and asked if I was riding by myself.  I usually do not have idle chit chat but I found that was another shift that I had – the gift of gab and shared my adventure with everyone that wanted to listen – that is not me at all but digging my independence and marketing myself and business to anyone who would listen yahoooooooooooo took me long enough to get there hey!  For those who really know me this has been an issue of mine for awhile stepping up on faith and believing I can do anything.  Thank you Joel Bauer your class unleashed the beast in me once again.  Yeah!

I thought “what is the big deal” I have driven cross country by myself in a car so why is it so different on a motorcycle. . .     I know now that I was meant to do my touring business and cannot wait to plan out my tours for the balance of the calendar year immediately upon my return.

Well it was a long ride but started to see the Vegas lights what an amazing sight.  I wish the camera would have picked up the energy of seeing this from so far away but now I was getting closer to my target.  I got a room for $35 at Circus Circus yikes all those kids but knew I was only going to sleep for 5 hours and hit the race track to see Nadine at 9 am so did not have much time to play in Vegas . . .  so I thought!

Well my girl was waitinig for me at Harrahs and decided do I get all primped up for what so brushed my teeth, washed my face, and dropped my bags and jumped in a cab to Harrahs.  It was less than a mile away and the cab took the long route and $20 later.  I was not happy and told him he was not a nice person taking advantage of me but oh well I guess that is how they make their living.  I was so ready for a martini so texted Nadine I was in the door area of the dueling piano bar and she stood up and waved her hand and went to the back of the establishment.  She looked just like her pictures but just a little thing and met her friend Sean.  He was visiting from Toronto and the piano dueling was awesome.  They were playing some oldies but goodies and after my second martini Nadine and I started to dance to the music.

Well we had another drink and the bar closed and now it was 2 a.m. yikes – and once I get started there was no way I could go to bed after that many drinks without dancing them off so we went into the disco.  I thought Nadine and Sean were following me but off I went to the dance floor in front and began to dance to let off some steam and within minutes this big burly man was in front of me and now I had a dance partner.   Ha Ha that how we roll in Vegas I see so dance I did.  Well all I can say is what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and thanks Chi Town Mike for a great night out on the town.  Hope to see you in Chicago in July – if not – NEXT he he!

Wow did I not feel the love in the morning.  Tried to eat breakfast but my head was pounding and Nadine and Sean were a bit hung over too!  I went back to my room called the bell man to move my 5 bags argh and back on the road again.  Now I had to find the race track and be out in the hot burning sun to see  my girl race.   I was not going to miss this for a minute and felt bad that I was running late.

Of course did  not read my text from her nor did I understand so followed the signs for the speedway and bought a ticket and called Nadine.  She asked me where I was at and found out I was at the wrong track.  Dang it!

So figured out where to go and they let me in too so saved myself $2o.  Thanks girl!  Nadine was resting getting ready to do her next 20 minutes of racing and watched her put on her heavy gear and mount her motorcycle.  I was amazed at how fast they went flying around that track and how she took those corners – hell no – I do not think I have the balls to do that but Nadine loves it so.  I got to see her go around the track twice for 20 minutes then had to say our goodbyes and hit the happy trail to California.

My Fly Girl, Rita Brooks, was having her Grand Opening for West Coast Weaves so promised I would show up at her Salon that evening to say HELLO.  I was now heading to Joel Bauer’s Passion2Profit event and would sneak out so I could participate with my girls GRAND OPENING.  I was late, of course got lost and ended up in Malibu but all good flipped off a few pictures and got there at 6:30 pm to take plenty of pictures.

When I got there on Friday night I had to video tape it because there was no way that girl was opening the next day.  Rita had the local radio station coming and could not believe what shape that place was in – no way in hell was it going to be ready.  Her contractor, Alex, swore he would work all night and so they did.  It is not finished but was in opening condition and the event was very successful.

I hung out with her until 9 pm and had to make my way back home and did not get lost yeah!  I had to get up early again for a long day with Joel Bauer on Sunday morning so jumped into bed and was ready to rock and roll the next day.

Sunday I was asked to speak in front of the participants to give a testimonial of Joel Bauer’s work and loved sharing my experiences along the way.  You see it was not until I met Joel in September at the Winners Circle in Tampa that my energy finally took a major shift in the right direction.  Joel Bauer teaches his students that if you walk in truth, authenticity, and passion you will fulfill all of your goals and dreams and enrich everyones life along the way.  His words touched my soul so deeply that I got up from my seat in tears and went to the back of the room.

I knew at that moment that he was the man I would invest my time, energy, and money to improve my life drastically.  I then went to Passion2Profit in January of 2011.  Within the first four hours I was up asking for the paperwork to take his ProfitPointMastery9 Class for speakers.  You see I always wanted to speak in front of thousands of people but never knew how or when this would happen until this very minute.  We all have something to share with the world if we so desire and now I am divinely guided to share my life experiences to help others that are willing to listen.

I wish I had someone 20 years ago that I could have had as a mentor.  Do not get me wrong I had many mentors, bosses, along the way but not someone that would actually share their words of wisdom, coach me through the rough spots, and teach me through their life lessons of enlightenment so I would not have gone through such pain along the way.  Now looking back the pain was necessary for me to get those lessons in life that touched me so profoundly.

I also have found my voice and passion to follow my motorcycle business that will also inspire women to GET OFF THE BACK SEAT AND RIDE in any part of their life.  It is not necessary to want to ride it is to take the leap of faith in yourself to do and be whoever you want to be – FULL THROTTLE.  Most women take care of everyone else but them.  Most women abuse themselves in such terrible ways and have no respect for themselves.  Most women I meet regret what they did not do or fear that they are not good enough.   Well my dear I can relate because that was me and have jumped through that fear finally and will never look back.

Please do not let me insult you if you are not that woman because I then will applaud you for living your truth on your terms.  You have been blessed and hope to know you personally so tell me your inspiring story so I can share with others not so fortunate.

I also will begin to give back and work with young female teens to inspire them to be all they can be, follow their dreams, speak their truth, and be heard so they may live their best life possible.

So thank you for listening and will post tomorrow because now it is 3 days of riding bliss in beautiful California.  Details soon . . .   Vroom Vroom

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011, our first day at the bike show.

Joan wanted to be at the show at 7 a.m. and said NO FLIPPIN WAY.  I was not going to sit there all morning when the show starts at noon so we hung out at the house and hit the road by 9ish.  We were positioned at the front corner when bikers entered the event so traffic was good but you know how shows go no one wants to spend money until they walk the show and see what all the vendors had to offer.  However, I think we were one of the favorites because everyone told us we had the best quality and looking product at this event.  One gal walked in and said “You have the best Shit here and will be back.”  Not sure if she came back but laughed and said thanks – I know.

I turned my in my product samples and inventory because Joan changed the length of the headbands and needed to carry the summer t-shirts instead of the ¾ length – even though when it gets cooler at night will still wear them.  However the stores probably will not stock them until the fall comes back around so all good.

Wednesday was a slow day but we did sell some product and everyone loved the RidersWraps line which was great to witness firsthand since I am just beginning with the product.

I have been wearing the product everyday since I left Florida and it is very comfortable.  Also it is great to wear the head gear because I hate helmet head and the product rocks when I take my helmet off.  Yes I am vain just like everyone else and even wore makeup everyday so I looked good.  Ha Ha!  I did get rid of the helmet in Arizona since it is a no helmet state yeah that felt awesome for the few days I rode.

Until tomorrow my friend . . .

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011 ~ Setting up the booth for West World Bike Rally . . .

We had Elizabeth, Crissy, Crystal, and I available to set up the booth and we all worked well together.  I was able to use my design and space planning skills to lay out our floor plan the night before so it made the set up task easy.  I forgot how labor intensive it was to build a booth.  We were quite pleased with our final results and made slight changes along the way.  So the booth set up went really well.

Joan was able to go back to her mother’s home which was home base while we were in Arizona.  A big thank you to Rose for letting us destroy her house – not really – but they had stuff everywhere.  It was great being able to meet and bond with the team who I came to adore.  A continuing lesson in truth was communication!  It was definitely apparent that we all needed additional work in effective communication.

Back in the day I ran my organization like a drill sergeant with a heart!  I would never ask anyone to do what I wouldn’t do so I always got the utmost respect from my team.  I do not know if this work ethic came from working with attorneys for many years or my innate ability but it does come in handy being a hard worker and starting businesses from the bottom up.

However, one bad thing by being on the road my eating habits have been crap.  Since I do not eat fast food I was lucky to be able to buy good water and do my protein drinks in  my shaker glass so I could have at least two drinks a day and one meal of my choice.  I do not think I have had more than 800 calories a day – not good but have lost weight so happy about that – whatever it takes ha ha!   I do miss working out but at the end of the day and doing 600 – 800 miles a day on the road is all the workout I need at this time.

Chat with you tomorrow my friend . . .   One Bad B . . .

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Inspiring Women to get off the BACK SEAT and RIDE!

I have been blessed by meeting Laura at KR Management Company and learning that she was going to the finally get her motorcycle endorsement and taking the safety class in a few weeks.  I then found out that everyone, the men, in her office are bikers too!  Well we bonded immediately and had a 20 minute conversation filled with excitement that Laura was finally going to make her DREAM come true – since the age of 13.

The next time I stopped in the office Laura was not in so I put my business card on her desk so we could connect outside of the office.  A few weeks later Laura called me and stated that she got her endorsement and bought her 883 Sportster.   It was great to hear how excited she was to start riding.  It brought back so many wonderful memories back in ’92 when I got my first bike.  I was so happy for her and told her to give me a jingle when she was ready to ride!  I then asked her how she was doing and if she had any fears or questions.  Laura stated that she was afraid to turn left – I told her that was normal and how I position myself at an angle so when I was going to make a left turn all I did was hit the throttle and off I went – she loved the suggestion and said she would try it.  She also stated that she was having trouble backing out of the garage so she was not riding because hubby was not home due to work on the road.  I asked what side she was parking on, since her husband Dave just bought a custom Harley too!  Dave was parking on the left so I told her to switch positions with him so that when she backed out she would still be on flat ground and not backing up down the sloping driveway backwards.  I also asked if she added crash bars to her bike – YES she did yeah!

We said our goodbyes for now but told her when she was ready I would love to take her out on a Saturday and do a beach run and we made a date for the following week.

Speaking from experience it is hard for a husband to teach a wife all their is to know about riding.  I remember my EX in Cuba trying to teach me how to ride a 1942 Knucklehead – Not Easy with him sitting behind me and yelling in my ear.  So I kicked his Cuban ass off and took off without him for an hour.  DANG THAT WAS FUN and that is another story – stay tuned.

You have to have patience and you need to allow the new rider to get comfortable with their bike and assess what adjustments need to be made (i.e. lowering kit, forward controls, new seat, etc.). 

Your bike should fit you like your favorite pair of jeans.  No discomfort whatsoever! 

4 Wheels Move the Body – 2 Wheels Move MY SOUL!

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I met Zazi Davidson at Bucktown Gym training when I lived in Chicago.  Zazi had an amazing body and was a personal trainer.  I was working many hours and needed a stress releaser so joined the gym and hired Zazi to get me back into shape working out 5 days a week.   Also Bucktown Gym is where my old boyfriend worked out, Thaddeous Hawkins, and Thad was the person that took me to Chicago Harley where I bought my first bike – so very grateful for him in my life – he created the MONSTER.

Zazi was 5′ tall and 120 pounds of lean muscle mass.  I trained with her for a few months and we became fast friends and became workout partners from that point on.  Zazi was born in France and had this thick french accent.  She kicked my ass in the gym and I found my next best friend because she also had a Harley Davidson Softail Heritage.  I had told her about my trip to Sturgis with the LAMA’s and MISFITS and we decided to go again that year.  Of course, the MISFITS trailed their bikes but Zazi and I road and hooked up with them at our overnight stop along the way to Sturgis, South Dekota. 

Zazi and I rode so well together.  It was like we were attached at the hip and so connected when we rode side by side.  We both were very focused on the rode and our surroundings which made it easy for me to read her every move.  I always let her lead, we were both alpha women, because she loved planning out the routes and at that time I could care less about where we were going as long as we were riding so it was a match made in HEAVEN! 

Once we arrived at the house in Spearfish, SD –  Zazi and I dropped our bags and I could not wait to show her the Badlands.  I have driven through the Badlands at least 7 times since and will never get over their beauty and vastness.  Needless to say Zazi and I rode an additional 3,000 miles within the next 6 days and were sad that we had to pack our bags to go home.

Our journey home was not so much fun.  The moment we left it began to rain and it never stopped!  That was a drag but of course when you are on the road you have to make it to your next destination.  Well, we were not fortunate enough to get under cover before we got dumped on so here we were driving in the rain with our leathers on soaked to the bone and cold as hell.  Zazi has a Heritage with a windshield and I am now riding my second bike – 1998 Dyna Wide Glide.  However, I do not have a helmet on, no windshield, and it is raining really really hard.   If you saw us you could not tell who we were.  We had bandanas on our heads, around our facces to keep us safe from the rain pelting us, and sun glasses – which mine were either fogged up or water was running down my eyelids and often had to take them off to dry them in the wind. 

WOW that was torture but in a sick way WE loved every minute of it – hehehehe!

We finally get to a gas station to fuel up and put our rain gear on.  At this time we are so wet it does not matter so we put our rain gear right over our leathers because it is STILL very cold.  Only in the Midwest can you have sun, then rain, AND cold within an hours time!

It continued to rain until we got off our bikes that night around 9 p.m.  Once Zazi and I parked and unloaded our gear we high fived each other and said “WE ARE SOME BAD ASS BIKER CHICS”! 

The MISFITS at the dinner table were smiling ear to ear because they were warm and dry but for us gals it was truly about our journey and not the destination and we made it.  The MISFITS could not believe how hard the ride was, how we stayed with the caravan, and Zazi and I never missed a beat!  When you are on the rode and the weather issues arise you just have to stay your course, take your time, and keep going until you reach your final destination safely.

So my first road trip with Zazi came in at 6,400 miles that week and we were already planning on going back the next year!


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My First Road Trip with LAMA’s to STURGIS!

I started working out in a gym on the West side of Chicago with Mario Nieves and his girlfriend, Dania Tome.  Mario was the President of the Latin American Motocycle Association a/k/a LAMA’s.  They were a great bunch of men and one woman DANIA.   I started to do day trips with them on the weekends around the Chicagoland and Wisconsin area and would end up at the Club on Western Avenue.  I truly fell in love with riding and could not get enough. 

Six months after I purchased my bike I had taken off my handle bars and put on drag bars.  I also took off the spedometer and mirrors, put on a bigger tank, painted it black, added a corbin seat and straight pipes.  I loved how loud my pipes were and I drove everyone that road next to me crazy haha!

Well the buzz in the gym was that Mario and a few guys and gals were taking off to Sturgis and I wanted to go so put my name in the hat to ride.  I had another group of guys, The MISFITS, a group of yuppie bikers that were trailering so decided to ride with the LAMA’s to Sturgis and stay with the MISFITS.  Wow what an adventure that was.

Well the trip started late, as usual with Mario, but we made it to our first night destination, Greg Sauber’s house Sioux Falls, North Dakota safe and sound with no bike problems.  I have to say I had the smallest bike out of the group but loved every minute of it but was exhausted and my ears were ringing from my pipes – I should of wore a bandana over my ears but too vein hehehe.  Well upon our arrival it was late and we were exhausted so we all said hello and good night and headed out the next morning to Sturgis.  I do not think anyone got any sleep that night sleeping on the floor and when I woke up I still heard buzzing in my ears as well as I no longer had knuckles my hands were swollen from the vibration of my sportster.  All I could think about was how jacked up I was to ride again.  I was so in love with riding I could not stand myself.  I was grinning from ear to ear.

On our second day one of the guys got a flat tire but we had two gals driving a truck and trailer for that purpose so we racked the bike and kept moving.  About an hour later we were running about 90 m.p.h. and my bike started to fish tail and lost pressure in speed so I slowly started to pull over and thank God one of the bikers behind me pulled over with me.  However everyone else kept on riding – I guess for 30 miles before they noticed we were not behind them any more.  I got my first flat tire and very lucky that I did not crash – my road angels were with me for sure! 

The gang turned around to get us but now we had two bikes with flat tires.  We stopped at the next exit because the Softtail had to purchase a new tire but they were able to fix my with a patch kit.  My first lesson, always be prepared on a bike adventure with tools, rain gear, helmet, tire patch kit, and grease for my chain!  We lost several hours but we had all day to get there so time was not an issue and the weather was beautiful. . .

The ride was fast and hard on the highway but I had never been that far north so the vastness of our country as well as the big sky in front of me took my breath away.  Hey I am a city girl – living downtown Chicago all I see is sky skrapers and Lake Michigan – beautiful – but this was different.  This started my burning desire to ride the United States and see as much of our country as possible on two wheels.

We made another stop at Wall Drugs and everyone grab something to eat, drink, and did a little shopping along the way.  I started to collect everything that had to do with motorcycles so bought some hand blown glass of motorcycles – try getting that home without breaking it – hehe.

We finally got to Rapid City where the LAMA gang was staying and I had to continue on to Spearfish which was 18 miles past Sturgis where I would be staying with the MISFITS and was meeting my friend Byron who knew the next group of bikers.  I arrived that evening to a house full of men – 7 to be exact!    Tommy was the road captain and Brian took care of all the house arrangements.  there was crazy Johnny who was a wrench so that was great.  I also met Keith, handsome blue eyed devil, Jimmy old woodstock kind of a guy, Bryan who road with me to Sturgis, and crazy muscle man Byron my Sturgis date.  What a group it was – every walk of life and more! 

It was great staying in a house that we could cook our own meals, do laundry, park our bikes in a garage, and hang in comfort after riding all day instead of a hotel room with two beds and a TV and bar food YEAH.  That week I earned my wings and was accepted by both groups as a hard core BIKER CHIC and earned their respect. 

That week in Sturgis I was able to see the Corn Palace in Mithcell, Wall Drugs, Rapid City, Main Street Sturgis, Spearfish Canyon, Leed, Deadwood, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, Casper Park, Wyoming, and Montana and headed back home with LAMA safe and sound and road just over 6,000 on my bike that trip.  The pictures that I had taken turned out awesome and told stories to all of my friends, family, and business associates for months to come!

4 Wheels Move the Body but 2 Wheels Move My SOUL! 

Thank you for reading my story and I will be back next week to tell you another adventure. . . .  


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Mother’s Day, 1992

It had been 5 long, cold months and, finally, Chicago got a beautiful, crisp, and sunny day.  I called my mom and told her that I could not pass up this sunny day and I was taking my bike out for the first time.  I also said: “unless you want to ride bitch, I won’t be seeing you today”.   

I threw on all my leathers, gloves, helmet and scarf (cause it was freezin out), and went to the garage down the block to pick up my “baby” to take her out for her first ride.

I jumped on North Lake Shore Drive and headed south and was on the road by myself that morning.  The speed limit is 45 m.p.h and I was nervous about not having any walls around me.  But as I continued to ride, my fear etched away into total excitement and one with my motorcycle.  I truly felt at home and now was ready to head west on the Eisenhower which was 55 m.p.h.  As I rode, I forgot to gas up so I exited on Western Avenue and at the first light I ran into 8 bikers all geared up in their leathers, helmets, and looked like they were travelling with bags on their bikes.  So I pushed off from the light and pulled into the first gas station and so did they.  As I started to gas up they took off their helmets and it was a motorcycle group out of Milwaukee – a band of brothers!  Well them seeing me by myself they had to come over and chat and told them it was my first day out on my bike and they talked me into riding on the Kennedy (dangerous highway hehe) and heading north with them on their way back home.  I said I would not go to Milwaukee but would love the opportunity to ride with a group and not be alone on my first day riding.

Well we are all gased up and they put me in the middle of them and we headed out back towards the highway.  Well they were all a bunch of flirts and hitting on me left and right – typical hehe – so I was paying attention and as we headed up the on ramp to the highway there was a lot of traffic and the 2nd and 3rd biker were looking back at me and collided and hit each other on the way up the ramp and into the first lane.  I could not believe it, my first experience on the bike and it has to be an accident! 

So for the next 1.5 hours I sat on the side of the road until their Chicago Club members came to bring a truck and trailer to remove the two bikes off the side of the road.  They both had injuries one his foot the other his shoulder and I was shaking like a leaf.  As we were waiting here I am with a group of black bikers and a sheriff’s police car stops to check up on me.  Of course the Bikers were gentlemen and all was well and the officer went on his merry way.   Well, they then talked me into heading back to their Club House so  Igot back on my bike for another adventure.  I only stayed at the Club House for a few minutes to be sure the injured bikers were taken care of and said my good byes and jumped back on my motorcycle.  Of course everyone in the Club walked me out to the curb to say good bye and the road was really bad and as I started too pull , I went down and had my hand on the throttle gunning to go!  The guys came running over to pick me up and my bike and all was fine.  They asked was I okay but I said the only thing that I hurt was my EGO!

Until my next adventure. . . .

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4 Wheels Move the Body – 2 Wheels Move My Soul!

Since 1992, riding my motorcycle cross county has empowered and inspired me to share the experience with other motorcycle enthusiasts.  I have had three motorcycles and currently ride a 2004 Road King with over 70,000 miles.  Today my dream has come true!  With the launch of my new company, “Adventures and Curves”, I will share my experience of riding cross country with other women who are just beginning their journey and passion to ride the open road, traveling to great destinations.

I will share the rules of the road, how to pack, what to wear, and those little things you will never experience riding with the guys  :)).  So if you are ready to ride I ask that you sign up for the next destination!  It could be your next dream come true!


Fell in love with this bike so had to take a picture on it - A NEW FRIEND.

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